the Canadian trucking industry is one of the strongest in the world

Currently, the Canadian trucking industry is one of the strongest in the world. Its GDP is $648 billion. More than 120,000 Canadian and US licensed truckers operate cross-border trade, and there are about 40,000 U.S.-licensed drivers operating north-south trade. Yet we still face driver shortage, especially well trained and maintained drivers why? Because in Canada our highways are horrible. Why do we have accidents and raise all time high every year in Canada? Because our fresh new drivers are never properly trained but given a truck to go train themselves… I know it almost goes without saying, but on a winter road trip in Canada, you MUST be prepared to drive slower than normal. Slippery roads, reduced visibility, heavy snowfall and black ice may not just slow progress down, but force you to pause or stop the trip completely. Companies only care to get their freight from one point to another, drivers are never taught how to control heavy or light freight on the road especially during winter.

Salute to our frontline workers. Thank you for providing us with everything especially during these extremely dangerous road and bad weather conditions. You kept us going during covid and now facing these winter conditions hats off!!

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