what does freight allowed mean on a quote

In the context of a freight quote, the term “freight allowed” means that the seller of the goods is responsible for paying the freight charges associated with shipping the goods to the buyer. This is in contrast to “freight collect,” where the buyer is responsible for paying the freight charges.

The use of “freight allowed” on a quote indicates that the seller has already factored the freight costs into the quoted price. This means that the buyer will not have to pay any additional shipping charges upon delivery of the goods.

Here’s a table summarizing the difference between “freight allowed” and “freight collect“:

TermMeaningWho pays freight charges?
Freight allowedSeller pays freight chargesSeller
Freight collectBuyer pays freight chargesBuyer

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The use of “freight allowed” can be advantageous for buyers, as it eliminates the risk of unexpected freight charges and simplifies the purchasing process. However, it is important for buyers to compare quotes from multiple sellers to ensure that the total price, including freight charges, is competitive.