Why the Trucking industry Shipping & Freight rates going down ?

Shipping & Freight Cost Increases, Current Shipper Issues

current issues in shipping, logistics

  • Costs
  • Lost cargo
  • Damaged cargo and goods
  • World events, like political unrest
  • Environmental regulations
  • Will shipping prices keep going down?
    • As a result of the current situation, many importers and exporters are wondering when freight and shipping rates will level off. The answer? Not yet.
    • But, despite potential delays and volatile freight shipping costs, there are a few steps importers can take right now:
  • Compare at least a few quotes and modes to make sure you are getting the best cost and most efficient service possible.
  • Buffer your freight budget and transit time for changes. Costs due to unforeseen delays or limited capacity can arise, so be prepared.
  • Explore warehousing options to mitigate the effects of lowered demand and business restrictions in the US.
  • Pay attention to the profitability of your goods and consider if a pivot could be worthwhile. Additionally, remember to factor in freight costs when assessing profitability.